An Orange Association was formed in England in 1688 to assist the Prince of Orange in defence of the Protestant Religion and the Liberties of England. The Orange Order, as we know it, was formed by the victorious Protestants after the Battle of the Diamond in 1795. Its aims were to defend Protestantism, Protestant property and the Constitution. The Independent Loyal Orange Institution was formed in 1903 by those who opposed the Orange Order being used for party political ends by unscrupulous politicians. It has promoted the concept that Orangeism should be free of outside interference and should promote the principles of Protestantism - alone.

St Georges Day Poster

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St Georges Day Parade 26th April 2009


Constitutional Affairs

"The Institution is constitutionally Unionist. We bear allegiance to the rightful Sovereign of the United Kingdom, the Laws of the Realm, the Legislative Union and the succession to the Throne in the House of Windsor, it being Protestant. Additionally we are pledged to support the magistrates and the civil authorities in the lawful execution of their duties. Our Unionism is a consequence of our Protestantism. From Protestantism the United Kingdom has gained Democracy, Constitutional Monarchy, Freedom of Speech and Civil and Religious liberty. These principles are enshrined in the Bill of Rights and the Act of Settlement. These we will maintain. Unlike the Orange Order we are not linked to any political party but as a Protestant fraternity we support policies which will enhance the union and maintain our right to practice our religion freely."